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Privacy Policy

Important notice:

Although Reactive Media LLC is headquartered in the United States as its services are provided to both the European Union and Greece, in line with the current legislative framework, it has already put in place a plan to reformulate its policy with a view to implementing the General Regulation Data protection.

At Reactive Media, we consider your personal data management a very serious matter and that is why we are making every effort to fully comply with all of their processing rules as they arise from Greek and European law.

A detailed list of privacy laws can be found at the end of the text.

The site reactivem.com and its associated apps collect user's personal information only when they provide them voluntarily. Special care is available for data collected with the help of cookies.

In the event of a user/member disagreement with this policy, he/she must interrupt and avoid browsing the site.

1. Principles of keeping and processing

The website reactivem.com is committed to making every effort to preserve the personal nature of your information. Therefore, it may not transfer it to any third party for any reason except as provided by law and solely to the competent authorities.

The information / services provided by the site are not intended for minors. They only have access to our services with the consent of their parents or guardians, and in the case of personal information from minors, the site reactivem.com will delete all relevant information.

The visitor / user can at any time contact the site's administrators at info @ reactivem.com to be informed if there is a file with their details, change or delete them from the lists at any time he wants it.

reactivem.com website maintains personal user files for communication purposes only and, in a potential financial transaction with its registered users / customers, retains personal data for economic and tax purposes.

In the context of the continuous improvement of its services and information, the site may always, subject to strict confidentiality and anonymity, process a part or all of the items that users have sent for statistical and financial reasons, for the reason of improving its services. Also, with the free consent of its users, it may inform them about issues related to the subject matter of the services provided on the website and/or create offers for their benefit.

2. Personal information collected

Registered Users / Partner Area

In order to become a member of the site, a member in our affiliate site must provide the following information:

Name, address (street, city, country), e-mail, phone

These items are not public, and only site administrators have access to them. This information may be used by reactivem.com for the purpose of submitting collaborative offers or for other financial or informational purposes, unless the addressee expressly states that it does not wish to do so.

Messaging via contact form

By submitting your message to a reactivem.com website, you agree to these terms and conditions regarding the use of your email and your name on behalf of Reactive Media LLC. The site reactivem.com commits not to use this information for third party marketing or advertising purposes or to transfer it to third parties. By submitting your message using a contact form you agree to these terms and conditions regarding the use of your e-mail and your name on behalf of Reactive Media LLC.

Attention: Messages sent using a contact form are not covered by any kind of confidentiality and therefore we recommend that you do not include sensitive information about you or third parties in your messages.

3. Cookie policy

Our website uses cookies, in common internet practices, to help you access and browse the web. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the web server's central server on the hard disk of the computer or other user's electronic device.

Cookies are unique to each web browser (web browser, eg Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and contain anonymous information regarding the site visited by the user. Cookies in general perform many functions, such as making it easier to browse from one website to another, store your preferences, and generally improve the browsing experience.

Every user of the site has the ability to configure his browser to accept or block cookies. You can choose, depending on the browser, between automatically accepting all cookies (usually this is the default), alerting you that cookies are used in some cases, and generally not allowing cookies to be used.

If you choose not to allow automatic use of cookies, you may not be able to access the services of reactivem.com and other websites you visit.

Attention: Our cookie policy is being reformed in order to be compatible with both the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the e-Privacy Regulation.

Cookies in use

Session cookies: Stored only by registered users after logging in while deleted when browser is closed

Persistent login cooki:e Stored only by registered users when logging in. This cookie is deleted only if the user chooses to log out of the web page ("Disconnect" option in the main menu).

cookie-agreed: Used to view the message about accepting cookies and saving the user's choice. It takes 365 days.

External cookies: They are part of the third party cookies category and are saved to all visitors to the site. They collect information on how visitors use our website and their storage duration is determined by Google's policy of use or other services such as Paypal, Stripe for online payments & Facebook. These cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, the origin of the visitors and the pages visited within our site. Facebook cookie links the visited user with his profile in Facebook and the details he provided to the social network. We use the information to write reports that help us improve our website. For more information: Google privacy policy & Facebook privacy policy.

4. Newsletters

Reactive Media website may send newsletters at regular intervals.
Users / partners enrolled in the affiliate site automatically consent to and join the mailing list with the e-mail they declare. Every newsletter sent will provide the option for the receiver to opt-out, with a link at the end of the e-mail. The purpose of the newsletter will be to provide information on issues related to the services provided by Reactive Media and issues of interest related to these services. The site administrator reserves the right to delete any recipient from the newsletters lists without justification.

5. IP Addresses

The site can identify the IP address through which the computer or any other electronic device accesses the Internet and then reactivem.com, and these data are likely to be used for statistical purposes.

6. Hyperlinks

With the help of appropriate links within the site, reactivem.com provides access to third party websites. The placement of these links has been made for the sole purpose of facilitating visitors while browsing the internet. It is by no means an indication of acceptance or approval of the content of the websites listed by linking. The link leads to a different web site, which is subject to the terms of use of this site.

The site reactivem.com does not bear any responsibility for the content and privacy policy of the site referenced by the link. Access by using the provided links to the website is carried out under the sole responsibility of the user himself.

7. Institutional framework for the protection of personal data

Greece: Law 2472/1997, Law 3471/2006 Regulatory acts of the Personal Data Protection Authority

European Union: Directive 95/46/ΕΚ, 2002/58/ΕΚ, 2009/136/ΕΚ

United States of America: State of Delaware code - CHAPTER 12C: ONLINE AND PERSONAL PRIVACY PROTECTION