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CoreAdmin for OpenCart 3.x, 2.x

Current version PRO 1.1.1 LITE 1.0.3


Welcome to CoreAdmin for OpenCart documentation space!

You can find here detailed information, guides and howtos for the installation and use of the extension. This documentation is updated actively during development of the extension, so please visit often for new and updated features

What is CoreAdmin for OpenCart

You may have often the need of quickly changing a price on a product or two on your e-shop's catalog and find it too much time consuming to do so from your OpenCart backend. This is where CoreAdmin for OpenCart comes in. It facilitates your everyday small catalog tasks and improves your responsiveness by far. It can be used as a replacement of the backend product list screen. Even though it looks identical to the factory default product list screen, it allows you to edit values of products you see in place. More than that, it offers a more advanced filtering feature to quickly find the products you are looking for.

Who is it for?

CoreAdmin for OpenCart is suitable for all OpenCart owners and catalog administrators. Whether you a have a small or enormous product catalog from few dozens to tens of thousands of products, CoreAdmin is here to improve your working experience and save you hours and hours of daily updates. CoreAdmin for OpenCart can be used by:

  • Sole OpenCart e-shop owners - if you operate your e-shop on your own.
  • OpenCart catalog administrators - if your job is taking care your company's e-shop is in always up to date with products and prices.

What you can do and what not

CoreAdmin for OpenCart is not a full replacement of OpenCart's back-office. At its current development stage, CoreAdmin can be used as a replacement for the product catalog only and will remain as such. That is, you cannot manage your orders or any other aspect of your e-shop.

We have given priority to tasks that are most commonly used by merchants in their daily routine concerning product updates and provide solutions for these tasks in a most productive manner.

What you can do

  • Quickly filter your products catalog by using simple filters. Filters use any combination of product name, price range, available quantity range, product code, status and more.
  • Update basic product details that are displayed in the list. such as name, price, special price, quantities and more.

What you cannot do

  • You cannot update more complex features of products such as product features, product options, pictures.
  • You cannot manage orders, customers, payments

Compatibility with OpenCart versions

CoreAdmin is shipped in three flavors. One for OpenCart 3.x, one for OpenCart 2.3.x and another for versions 2.0.x - 2.2.x

Get online support

We will be most happy to help and listen to your comments and recommendations.

Contact us

Email: support [at]

or via Facebook

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